Protected between old-growth trees, the 15 unique, modern villa apartments are situated in Broëlberg Park near Zurich. Laid out in the middle of the 19th century, the park is reminiscent of a romantic English country garden. Marked by various wooded mounds, a large pond and century old trees, the park is an ideal place to live and relax. Its entire area of over 2.7 hectares offers a generous amount of space to dream and stroll.


You’ll find the change of seasons more beautiful here than most other places. The ocean of flowers in spring is followed by lush greens in summer, then a magnificent play of colors in fall and a magical winter landscape. Any time of the year, Broëlberg Park shows its most splendid side, with all its many facets.


The park grounds offer a luxurious home in a secure environment with absolute privacy. Enjoy exclusive living in a natural idyll, surrounded by a legendary and prestigious park.